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As for the sneakers, are you sure you're wearing the right shoes for the right occasion?

Release time:2020-05-21 Source:Dongguan AoQiao Footwear Co.,Ltd

Hello, everybody, I am the little editor who brings you the story today. Let's talk about sports shoes today. Sports shoes have become a must-have for foreign models in recent years. The time when high-heeled shoes were standard for models has passed. Now, how to match sports shoes has become a hot topic, the world's major brands have also followed suit, out of many styles of sneakers, good to see the feeling of explosion, is very expensive. It doesn't matter if we can't afford it, but they can learn how to dress, and since they're wearing white, we can buy a pair of white at a fair price, which is fair.

The time when athletic shoes could only be matched with athletic pants has passed. We must not have this kind of thinking now. What you need to wear a skirt is leather shoes, and high-heeled shoes can stand out. In fact, it is simply nonsense, it's not like that at all. Learn from the editor. Oh, no, learn from the trendsetters. Look at the picture, that is not even a dress can also match, and good-looking, look at the picture is not at a glance well, good-looking, sneakers are also highlight the temperament oh.

We usually can also see one or two, nine times out of ten the colors of everyone's fashion collocation are small white shoes, but different styles of small white shoes, anyway, from the color point of view, is indeed white without a doubt. White is really wild, also say very strange, clearly if it is leather shoes, black is wild, but why to sneakers, white is wild? Don't think about it, don't think about it, just learn it. Very temperament, also really very good-looking, no matter be to match skirt or trousers, it seems that small white shoe is really all can become the focus of Yo.

Speaking of small white shoes, of course, we also want to say small black shoes, of course, small white shoes with what is good-looking, but also can not be a stick to deny the black shoes good-looking AH. What about the image above? It looks good, right. So, Xiaobian now to sum up, when to match small white shoes suitable, when to match small white shoes suitable bar. With White, is the skirt, casual clothing, with a small white shoes, and show temperament and good-looking, and is really special beautiful, walking in the street can be that kind of white shoes stabbed to the eye. Black shoes, on the other hand, are great with sports, like going to the gym or wearing sports pants. Here's a word about sports pants, not sports pants, leggings, but also can fall into this category Yo.

These matching, some of the shoes are suitable for us to match, usually wear, good-looking and looks have temperament, but the most important thing is that we wear comfortable. Some fashion matching is some street photography or fashion circle people wear, so AH, learning, it is also a bit cautious, sometimes according to their own body proportions, if the blind pursuit, may really be very well-dressed jokes.

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