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Three mistakes of wearing sandals in summer!

Release time:2020-05-21 Source:Dongguan AoQiao Footwear Co.,Ltd

Summer is coming, girls are starting to buy beautiful sandals. There are so many beautiful sandals, but why do some people just wear them badly? It is possible that they made the following small mistakes. Summer sandals wear 3 big mistakes, especially the first, straight man was ugly cry!
1、 Socks + sandals
Socks + sandals are a kind of collocation that fashionable people like to wear in recent years. A pair of simple socks looks fashionable and attractive. But in fact, this kind of collocation, the ordinary people can't really wear well, it will be very earthy. In particular, the colorful heavy tone stockings or the naive socks with pattern dots look like funny clowns when they are not matched properly.
2、 Thick soled sandals
This kind of sandals with thick soles is also one of the most incomprehensible designs of small knitting. Although extra thick soles will make you look taller, they will not be more comfortable to wear than sandals with heels. The sandals on the soles are really like two bricks on the feet. They are heavy and a bit rustic. Girls who want to show their height can choose sandals with thick heels.
3、 Improper care
If you want sandals to look good, it's very important to take care of your feet. Some people don't pay attention to the care of foot skin. After a long time, the foot skin will turn black and wrinkle, and some problems such as cocooning and peeling will appear. In addition, if the nails are not handled carefully, sandals will be very ugly.

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