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You can massage the healthy shoes, don't say you don't know

Release time:2020-05-21 Source:Dongguan AoQiao Footwear Co.,Ltd

More than 2500 years ago, the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic once recorded that "the bone is straight and the sinew is soft, the blood is flowing freely, the sinew is one inch long, and the life is prolonged for ten years.". Chinese people who pay attention to health care are well aware of the benefits of stretching. If you don't believe it, just go to the park and see how many old people are doing stretching.
The strength of muscles comes from tendons. The book of changing tendons also records the discussion about tendons and health: "weak tendons lead to lax, strong tendons lead to strong tendons, and harmonious tendons lead to healthy tendons."
Today, Xiaobian recommends a "sole acupoint massage shoes" from Dongguan aoqiao Shoes Co., Ltd. the company mainly produces footwear products, 80% of which are export products, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Russia and other countries and regions. At the same time, we have cooperated with many brands in the domestic market, based on the principle of quality innovation, the innovative research and development of natural sole acupoint massage shoes has won many patents, Fit the consumer's use habits, let you in the walking foot therapy, in the mobile health.
It can help you to heal your feet during walking and keep healthy during moving. You can also get twice the result with half the effort without steps. When it comes to beizuka health shoes, it's powerful!
It uses Holographic Therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, which can stimulate the soles and meridians, regulate blood pressure, insomnia, constipation and other chronic diseases. It is the master of Qi and blood nourishing around you.
This pair of health shoes focuses on its insole, 19 protruding massage points, covering several important acupoints and reflex areas on the sole of the foot, penetrating the acupoints on the sole of the foot, stepping on it with one foot, all kinds of sour and refreshing experience, let alone running around and brushing steps in it.
In addition to the foot therapy effect, it can also relieve foot fatigue. Compared with ordinary shoes, it increases arch support, making the force area of the foot more uniform, so it's very easy to walk, and the foot has no tired feeling at all.
It not only has good air permeability, but also can inhibit the growth of bacteria, prevent shoes from becoming damp and smelly. It will not be stuffy or tiring after wearing for a long time.
How about this fashionable health shoes? They have no medicine and no side effects. You just need to walk and take a walk every day to regulate your blood pressure, improve insomnia, constipation and other symptoms.
Whether it's daily exercise, going out for sports or traveling, the more comfortable it is. Unconsciously, the meridians and Qi and blood are unblocked. The better you wear it, the better you will be. Give it to you and your family. Have a pair of beizuka health shoes!

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