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Ning fakai, legal representative and general manager of the company
Born in 1972 in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, he has been deeply engaged in the shoemaking industry for 30 years and once worked in
Shenzhen Longgang Jinbao shoes industry, Dongguan Qingxi Jiancheng shoes industry, Zhongshan Yongyu group,
He designed and developed shoes in Fujian in 1999 and opened a shoe factory in Dongguan in 2014
Rich experience in shoemaking and enterprise management, full of entrepreneurial passion and good at enterprise management
Management and human resource management.
Ning Zilin, head of product development
Born in 1974, he has been engaged in shoe sample development industry for more than 25 years and worked in
Dongguan Qingxi Dacheng shoes factory, Zhongshan Xiaolan Tongda shoes factory, Dongguan Qingxi Dacheng shoes factory
Factory and baolianna shoe factory of Zhongshan No. 3 Township, worked in Zhongshan No. 3 Township from 2005 to 2010
Township baolianna shoe factory, served as the manager of sample room and production technology director in 2011-
In 2016, he worked in the sample room of Zhaoli shoe factory in Zhongshan No. 3 Township and served as the manager of the development department
Director of management and production technology, from 2017 to 2018, he started his own company,
Since 2019, he has worked in the sample room of aoqiao shoe factory, Liaobu Town, Dongguan, as a product designer
Development leader.
Hu Jianchang, business leader
Born in 1976, he graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and engaged in foreign trade
For more than ten years, he has worked in jiashike foreign trade company and Shifu Shoes Co., Ltd,
Since July 2015, he has been responsible for business connection in Dongguan aoqiao Shoes Co., Ltd.
Li Wenjuan, production director
Born in 1983, he has nearly 21 years of working experience in shoe factory and once worked in Xinxi
Shoe factory and Xinbao shoe factory worked as a sample in Xinyue shoe factory from April 2007 to December 2014
The director of the product room, who has been in aoqiao shoe factory since March 2015, is responsible for the allocation of production progress,
According to the customer's delivery time, make delivery plan and follow up the production of customer orders
speed of progress.
Li Biao, sales manager
Born in 1982, he has been engaged in the sales industry for more than ten years. He has established and maintained sales channels, formulated marketing plans, sales plans and their management systems, and is also responsible for market research management and sales plan formulation.

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Address:No. 15, Meijing street, Weizai village, Xixi Liaobu town Dongguan Guangdong




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